Digitised version of Adat Bidayuh , as codified by the Majilis Adat Istriadat. Agustus Sapen, Di Entika, Mohammad Sulaiman and 2 others like this. Comments. Other Albums. Sarawak History Initiative Trust’s photo. ‘In a letter to the. Adat Bidayuh Order Front Cover. Sarawak. 0 Reviewshttps://books. ?id=bSgUnQAACAAJ.

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He explained that this was necessary in view of urbanisation in Bidayuh areas and modernisation that may diminish the law and culture of the community.

Chapter IV deals with customs relating to matrimonial or sexual matters. However, according to the adat, immediately after the accident, he is required to provide takud to the family of the deceased in term of prosis consisting of bisayuh belima see section 96 of the Adat Bidayuh. Chapter II deals with customs relating to construction of a new longhouse or kupuo and rules of social behaviour which is closely regulated by the adat for both members of the longhouse and visitors.

There shall be three uni of measurement as follows: However, once the adoption has been registered, it can only be annulled by the order of the High Court. For the purpose of this Order, the term “Bidayuh” means the native of Sarawak referred to as Land Dayak in the Schedule to the Interpretation Ordinance.

Using another person’s bomebold property pingabah. Marriage between persons within certain prohibited degrees of relationship is permitted only after undergoing the ritual of nai raban. Provided that, in the case of any conflict between the authorised translation and the authorised English version of the Adat Bidayuh, the latter shall prevail. Marriage between persons within the prohibited degrees of relationship, and bidaguh or gross indecency are serious offences affecting the Bidayuh community.

PuUiDg down posts pirubuh. Compensation for fruit trees. The various sections of the Adat Bidayuh have been arranged in a proper sequence for ease of reference. Setting fisbing apparatus in a river already reserved lUUIdung.

Adat Bidayuh 1994

However, if t8e person presiding in a Native Court is not a Magistrate, and the offender refuses to pay any penalty imposed by such court, section 18 adzt provides that- the person presiding in that Native Court shall report the matter to a Magistril’te who shall have the power to enforce the decision of the said Native Court.


Causing obstruction to bolang romin ngampung nasip. Report “Adat Bidayuh “. In the conleXt of Adat Bidayuh, takud means a form of restitution. Building Initiatives in Indigenous Heritage Category: Whoever deals with 194 Adat Bidayuh must be mindful of the aforesaid Ordinances as well as other existing written laws.

Failing to erect the posts buruh pudo’. A customary adoption may be registered in accordance with the rovisions of the Adoption Ordinance Cap. With the power given under the Native Courts Ordinance, to the Native Courts to impose punishment including prison sentence for cri inal offences, it is now possible to make a distinction between offences against daat rules of social behavior and breaches against customs and tab os.

Terminologies from the different groups of Bidayuh have been collected and identified.

Adat Bidayuh Order – Sarawak – Google Books

Thank you for interesting in our services. Failing to participate in a kiroja lirukum. Majlis Adat Istiadat Sarawak Mais is in the midst of revamping the Adat Bidayuh to preserve and strengthen the common law of the Bidayuh community. Any offence against the rules of social behaviour such as divorce and adultery shall be subject to secular fines, and payment shall be specified in three units of measurement: Government Printer or other printer to print copies of the Adat Bidayuh.

Destroying another person’s fence pingasuo. The primary function of the adat in the Bidayuh society is to maintain a harmonious relationship among members of the community and to preserve bidsyuh physical and spiritual well-being of the birayuh. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

This Order may be cited adatt the Adat Bidayuh Order,and shall come into force on the 1st day of June, E’Dteting anotber person’s romin or bori piluwa’.

It is an established law that whenever any act or omission constitutes an offence under two or more Otten laws, the offender shall be liable to prosecution and punishment under one of any such laws, but shall not be liable to prosecution and punishment under another law for the same offence.

This is to avoid duplication of action and to ensure that no person shall be punished twice under different laws for the same offence or breach of the adat.


Please help us to share our service with your friends. This Order may be cited as the Adat Bklayuh Order,and shall come into force on the 1st day of June, Whenever there is a breach of farming rites, immediate propitiation measures must be taken to appease the spirits in order to ensure the well-being of the crops.

Any breach of the adat must be corrected immediately to avert divine displeasure.

Tbere is no element of bidayh in takud. Under the Bidayuh custom, an adopted child has the same position. Chapter VII deals with adoption of a child below the age of eighteen years. Chapter VIII contains a general provrsion to deal with other Bidayuh customs recognized by the community but may not be expressly mentioned in the Adat Bidayuh The Adoption Testimonial is only proof of an adoption.

Driving away any member of the bolang romin. Its Bidayuh section head Bati Juram said in view of this, the council was conducting workshops in Lundu, Bau, Kuching and Serian districts to receive feedback and inputs from the community.

At both levels of examination and discussion the concept of the adat for the Bidayuh people was identified and translated into standard terminologies which are bidzyuh only acceptable to the Bidayuh throughout Sarawak but also suitable for administrative and legislative purposes. When a marriage is solemnised under the Adat Bidayuh, the Penghulu, upon request from the couple.

We need your help! Made under sections 3 and 5.

Native Courts System

Sibarang sun fish from anod1a’ In order to preserve a cohesive community life and maintain the continuing state of spiritual well-being in terms daat health- and material prosperity of the people, the adat must be strictly adhered to.

Discurbing 8DOthel’ person’s porang piroka pingasuo. Proper conduct in accordance with the adat is believed to maintain the community in a state of balance or ritual well-being with the gods and spirits.