1 ago. Conflito de interesse:Nenhum. Amiloidose nodular: boa resposta ao. tratamento cirúrgico. Nodular amyloidosis: good response to surgical. Keywords: Amiloidose. Issue Date: Publisher: Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina Interna. Citation: Rev Soc Port Med Interna. ; 4 (3) Amiloidose nodular: boa resposta ao tratamento cirúrgico. DOI: /scd ABSTRACT. Primary cutaneous nodular.

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Amyloidosis of the upper aerodigestive tract. J Laryngol Otol ; Services on Demand Journal. A rare case of dysphagia: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

RIHUC: Amiloidose primária: Tratamento e prognóstico

Ann Otol Rhinol Laryng ; Report of a case. How to cite this article. A clinical and ultrastructural report. ECG mostrava um bloqueio de ramo esquerdo. Simpson G, Skinner M. The diagnosis of Graves’ orbitopathy is usually straightforward.

Artigo aceito em 16 de setembro de Ecocardiograma revelou regurgitamento mitral e comprometimento difuso de VE de grau moderado. Abdominal fat pad aspiration biopsy for tissue confirmation of systemic amyloidosis: Amyloid deposits in the nose and maxillary sinuses. As massas do pilar amigdaliano posterior, da epiglote, da banda ventricular direita, da prega vocal direita foram retiradas a laser.


After no clinical improvement with treatment, the patient was referred to an ophthalmologist and further investigation was performed. Amyloidosis of Waldeyer’s ring and larynx.

Primary tracheobronchial amyloidosis

This report describes the rare occurrence of localized inferior rectus muscle amyloidosis in a patient with autoimmune hypothyroidism, who was misdiagnosed as Graves’ orbitopathy. Endoscopia digestiva resultou normal. Gustavo Haruo Passerotti R. Amyloidosis in the upper aerodigestive tracts. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol ; However, orbital diseases that mimick some clinical signs of Graves’ orbitopathy may cause diagnostic confusion, particularly when associated to some form of thyroid dysfunction.

Amyloidosis of waldeyer’s ring. Giant primary amyloidoma of the tonsil. This report emphasizes that a careful evaluation of atypical forms of Graves’ orbitopathy may be crucial and should include, yet with rare occurrence, amyloidosis in its differential diagnosis. Otolaryng Clin N Am ; A year-old man complained of painless progressive proptosis on the left side and intermittent vertical diplopia for 6 months.

The diagnosis of Graves’ orbitopathy was entertained after magnetic resonance imaging revealing a markedly enlarged, tendon-sparing inferior rectus enlargement on the left side, and an autoimmune hypothyroidism was disclosed on systemic medical workup. Otolaryng Head Neck Surg ; 6: Guy Cd, Jones CK. Localized amyloidosis of amilodiose head and neck and upper aerodigestive and lower respiratory tracts.


Isolated primary amyloidosis of the inferior rectus muscle mimicking Graves’ orbitopathy.

Mitrani M, Biller HF. Lebowitz LA, Morris L. Nosso caso se trata do 4o caso relatado de amiloidose no anel de Waldeyer.

The presence of calcification in the inferior rectus muscle on computed tomography, associated with the clinical findings led to a diagnostic biopsy, which revealed amyloid deposition. J Laryng Otol ; Surgical management of localized amyloidosis. Staged endoscopic amlloidose of laryngeal amyloidosis. Optou-se, pois, por dieta via sonda nasoenteral SNE.