Se diseñaron los biorreactores, utilizando principios de similitud; para la producción del alcohol etílico, se diseñó un biorreactor del tipo Lecho Empacado . Inmovilización de levaduras en residuos lignocelulósicos para la producción de etanol en biorreactor de lecho empacado. En las fermentaciones realizadas en los biorreactores de lecho empacado con el biocatalizador (soporte + levaduras), se logró obtener un aumento en la.

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The flow of the mobile phase was 0. Table 2presents the results in this standardization, when we used the biomass quantification protocol proposal. The response variables evaluated in this study were the reduced sugars consumption, and ethanol production. Practical Insight To Tools Applications. The cellulosic materials are regenerable, reusable, sterilizable on heat, biologically and chemically stable under different fermentation conditions and with adequate mechanical resistance [18].

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The continuous processes are an alternative for improving the efficiency and performance of alcoholic fermentation and for reducing the costs of production. The value obtained was 0. Biirreactor the development of the protocol three solutions were evaluated: Click here for the english version. Ajuste la bomba a 25 revoluciones min -1, estableciendo un caudal de 1,5 ml min As a carbon source, we evaluated sucrose and glucose syrup obtained from cassava flour.

These results are very relevant if compared with the values obtained in the traditional batch fermentations as well as the results obtained by other researches, who used different materials in the immobilization of cells for the production of ethanol [11—20]. Continuous processes that use immobilized cells show great advantages over those using free cells, since they facilitate the separation of the product, allow re-use of the biocatalyst, they have a high volumetric productivity, and facilitate the control of process variables as well as reducing the risk of contamination [5].


Contact Us Send Feedback. Analytical Chemistry, 31 3pp. The established time of residence t was 3 h, and the reactor was operated this way for 6 times of residence 18 h.

A subscription to J o VE is required to view this article. Journal ofBioscience and Bioengineering. The process of immobilization was carried out for 12 h. The high variability in each of the treatments for different materials is indicated by the high deviations values and it is confirmed by the lack of statistical significance.

Treatment column empacadp to the different solutions evaluated NaOH 0. As a result we obtained 0. Instale los cabezales de bomba en las unidades de bombeo con la provi tornillosded con las unidades de bombeo.

For other languages click here. Although in this process empacaod temperatures are applied to reduce significantly the initial microbial load of materials, we found the need of sterilization emppacado they were used in the immobilization. The concentration of alcohol was determined by HPLC. Immobilization yeasts cells, bioethanol, biofuels, lignocellulosic carriers, continuous fermentation.

Este manuscrito ha esbozado los de montaje, puesta en marcha, y los procedimientos operativos para operar un biorreactor de alta densidad HDBR.

It is observed that the cane emlacado was the material in which the highest amount of cells was immobilized, 0.


Figures 4 and dd show the results obtained for the continuous fermentation carried out with sucrose. Analytic methods The total sugar quantification was performed by the DNS Dinitrosalicylic acid colorimetric method. Conclusions In this study we developed a protocol for quantification of immobilized biomass on lignocellulosic carriers ejpacado we obtained reproducible results.

The medium for inoculum and fermentation is composed of: As shown, the values obtained in the two reactors for treatment using water and isotonic solutions are not suitable for immobilized biomass determination.

Regarding materials composition, the percentages of lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose and ash that are presented in table 1there are different proportions in each material; these differences can directly affect empacaxo immobilization. These values are significant if compared with the data reported by others researchers, who are using different lignocellulosic materials as carriers and obtained 0.

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Anaerobic conditions must be ensured as well, so that the substrate consumption is oriented to the production of ethanol and not to increase biomass quantity during fermentation. Table 3 shows the values of productivity reached with the other materials.

Get cutting-edge science videos biorrezctor J o VE sent straight to your inbox every month. Medir la masa combinada del filtro y pesar barco. These materials were subject to a conditioning process that involved the implementation of a protocol for cleaning, drying and size reduction.

Additionally, we reached a better productivity than Plessas S.