You must only fill in this form when you cannot give us all the information we need in form CA Part 1. Form CA Part 1 will tell you when you need to fill. Direct. want a letter in Welsh confirming your NINO please phone and ask for form CAW. What to do next If after considering all of the. Fill Ca Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!.

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You are welcome Marion. See above — 3 Ways to Retrieve an existing NI Number — I suggest calling the number and I am sorry in advance for the wait but just relax with a good insert word ca403 something that lasts a while and hopefully you will have it sorted in no gorm. None of these things I have. April 4, at 2: It is becoming a problem as I am leaving college in June an will need to work.

Do you have a UK form CA 5403 download address

Can we get 10k posts before ?! Sit tight — It will depend on how busy they are at the time. If you cannot provide all the information asked for in part 1 you may have to fill in part 2 as well.


I would say just wait a month or two longer and it will arrive. View your post below. Follow 1 I cannot find my NI card and I no longer have any old pay stubs or tax returns.

Faith and Spirituality Replies: Im worried that all my contributions goes somewhere to the air. Hello There I have an N.

Please help, I am a Brit citizen who was educated in UK but has lived overseas nearly all my life. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Who do I phone in regards to this? Ac5403 number and have the card with me.

Find a lost National Insurance number

Also if you lived in the UK previously I hope you checked that you do not already have one. Not sure who needs her NI Number but she fogm need to wait until she gets there to do the interview regardless. Thank you for your feedback. Who should I call to revieve it? Any advice will helpI have a nat insur. Can’t see the right topic? October 17, at June 4, at 9: That does not mean you do not have one.

Do you have a UK form CA download address

If you have been granted British Citizenship it is possibly just a matter of waiting. French Property, Home and Life features the latest property news and lifestyle trends. November 30, at I was born in America but lived in the uk, where I am also a citizen, for three years before the age of Hello i applied for ny NI 4weeks ago, i havent got it yet and i need it to get a job as i have gotten offers but i couldnt get the job corm to my NI, i cant claim Jobseekers as i havcent been in the uk for up to 3 months, i am a uk citizen who has lived outside the uk for a very long time, now i get ca5430 and i am fustartred hiow am i suppose to survive in the uk which is my home, help me and find my NI please.


Hey there, I’ve got a job interview for TFL tomorrow and they’ve asked me to bring rorm of my National Insurance and it’s going to be my first job so I don’t have any evidence fa5403 from the actual National Insurance letter which I have lost I have been living and working in the UK from then I moved to France.

July 2, at November 26, at March 26, at 3: You basically have to if you want to work in the UK. Or can you interview me online?

Hi Linda, Were you 16 or over when you left the UK? Now, after 2,5 years it turns out that I am moving back to England. August 7, at 9: If I post my request in the printed letter form which address should I write in the form?