Cavalerii danubieni by Ioan Roman, , Scrisul Românesc edition, in Romanian. Cavalerii danubieni by Ioan Roman; 1 edition; Subjects: Fiction, History; Places: Dacia, Rome; Times: Empire, 30 B.C A.D. Get this from a library! Cavalerii danubieni: roman. [Ioan Roman].

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Cavalerii danubieni, vol. II

ActaMN 2,— The same phenomenon can be observed in the world of individuals. EphNap 5,— Figurated Bronzes in Roman Province of Dacia.

Thus, the four chapters can be used both jointly and separately, the volume being not a dull list of titles, but a dynamic kaleidoscope of Roman religion in Dacia. On the irst records of Palmyrenes within the Roman danubleni.

Historia Antiqua 28 Los Imperios y el barbaroSalamanca,— ActaMN 19,59— In Dacia appears on igurative and epigraphic monuments too. Moesia Romanian Section and Dacia, Leiden, ActaMN 15,— Many problems were clariied by a series of articles, most of them integrated in the previously mentioned monographic studies He appears as a young divinity with a Phrygian cap, standing on a bull, looking towards Sol, killing the animal with a knife.


Dacia NS 4,— AMMR 10,— In Dacia he is attested on some small igurative monuments.

Popa on Egyptian and Microasian cults24 and the one of M. EPRO 13, 2, Leiden, ActaMN 7,— Roda de Llanza, Isabel Ed.

Cavalerii danubieni ( edition) | Open Library

One of their tributes is the pileus, cornocupia and the patera. In Dacia appears probably on a igurative monument. AO 13, 1—3,69— Apulum 32,— SCIV A 41, 1,83— Their cult is associated sometimes with the Matrones and Iunones.

FVL 13, 1,71— His sacred plant is the laurel. Perseus killing Gorgon Medusa and Zeus seducing Leda.

Ioan Roman (Author of Cavalerii danubieni ,vol.I)

ActaMN 6,— Protector divinity of merchants, inancial gains, commerce, messages and also the guide of the souls in the Afterlife Psychopompos. Later he will joan identiied with Hephaestus. Apulum 16,—8. Radu Ardevan sexagenario dedicata, Cluj-Napoca,71— SCIV A 23, 4,— Afterwards other Gnostic pieces were considered Christian38, artifacts from this category proving that that the pieces arrived here like V.


In Memoriam Alexandri V. BMMN 3,53— The contractual nature of the religion created not only the various religious sources, but also the political, economic and social ones.