Chemomechanical caries removal (CMCR) is a non-invasive technique eliminating infected dentine via a chemical agent. This is a method of caries removal. Efficacy of new chemomechanical caries removal agent compared with conventional method in primary teeth: An in vivo study. NB Nagaveni1. Objective: To compare the effectiveness of various caries removal techniques in mandibular primary molars using Smart Burs, atraumatic.

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Since GV Black inproposed the ‘Principle for prevention, the techniques used in caries removal rekoval undergone a lot of development. Preparation of carious-free sample Click here to view. Pharmacol Ther Dent ;2: Carious dentine excavation using carisolv gel: Carisolv was applied on one-half and Carie-Care was applied on the other half.

Current update of chemomechanical caries removal methods.

Journal of prosthetic dentistry. Efficacy of new chemomechanical caries removal agent compared with conventional method in primary teeth: J Minim Interv Dent ;1: Eur J Dent ; The two are thoroughly mixed in equal parts at room temperature before use and then applied, using hand instrument onto the exposed carious dentine to leave a hard, caries free cavity.

Having said this there are problems that need to be overcome. Int J Appl Dent Sci ;1: J Am Dent Assoc ; A comparative in vivo study. Effect of two different chemomechanical caries removal agents on dentin microhardness: Chemomechanical caries removal; carisolv; carie-care; dentin microhardness.

Current update of chemomechanical caries removal methods.

Scanning Electron Microscopic observation of human dentine after mechanical caries excavation. After 1 minute the gel along with dissolved caries is removed by means of a Sharp Spoon Excavator. More recently proteolytic agents, such as papain and sodium hypochlorite can be used to further degrade the partially demineralized and altered dentin matrix that has been previously exposed to bacterial action infected dentinthus facilitating its removal and preventing damage to the underlying remineralizable tissue affected dentine 1.


Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

J Conserv Dent ;5: Minimum of cleaning duration. Techniques of tissue Removal A number of techniques are available for cutting tooth tissue. However the results were inconclusive due to erratic and unpredictable performance of the instrument In our study the cleaning time with Carie Care gel was Does chemomechanical caries removal affect dentine adhesion?

Community Dent Health ; How to cite chemomechahical article: Allergy to alpha-amylase and papain. Online since 10 th June, The subjects were divided into experimental CMCR and control group traditional way. Caries excavation using spoon excavator after the gel application Click here to view.

There were no significant difference among normal dentin A preliminary report on a chemomechanical means of removing caries.

The present study was carried to study the effect of an indigenously developed caries removal agent viz. While some claim, to remove demineralized dentin selectively, others are unable to distinguish this and are not able to remove the softened dentin effectively 1. Most of the results between our studies correlated. Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of chemomechanical caries removal agent Papacarie and cjemomechanical method of caries removal: Please review our privacy policy.


Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. In this study, the crown portion of ten carious-free and ten caries-affected teeth were selected.

Then, they were further sectioned longitudinally through the centre. Carie Care is in the form of single preparation, which can be stored at 4 o C for more than 6 months.

Local anesthesia was administered if the patient asked for it or if the treatment was not possible to continue because of the pain. This is a process of adding tricalcium phosphate to improve the flow to water soluble particles of sodium bicarbonate and applying this mix to the tooth surface using air pressure coupled with a concentric chemomechaniacl jet 8 – 9 which is the contrasting difference between this technique and air abrasion.

Mazumdar P, Das UK. Chemo-mechanical methods of caries removal-exploring new avenues in dental care. Chemomechanical removal of dental caries in deciduous teeth: None, Conflict of Interest: Load dependency and reliability of microhardness measurements on acid-etched enamel surfaces.

It is a known fact that the rotary bur is in universal use.

This article has been cited by. YAG laser in caries removal. Use of Anesthetics in Chemo-mechanical Treatment Group. J Am Dent Assoc ; Maximum of cleaning duration.