Explore the range of professional services available from DecisionQuest and click on the links on the page to learn more about each service. DecisionQuest is home to Los Angeles’ top litigation consultants providing expert jury research, trial graphics, courtroom technology services and more. DecisionQuest’s litigation service provides trial consulting, jury research and visual communications services primarily to Fortune companies. Capabilities.

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Request A Consultation or Call Decision to arrange a consultation. With more than 25 years’ experience conducting empirical jury research, Mr. Our Strategic Communications practice offers decksionquest and crisis communications, public relations and media training to corporations and government agencies in both litigation and non-litigation contexts.

If there were a way to know that earlier-much earlier-why would you prepare a case any other way?

In adding to its lineup of leading trial consultants, including graphics consultants and litigation support experts, the DecisionQuest team will now extend its reach in key cities across the nation in response to growing demands for strategic jury consulting services. Strategy Development Research Strategy Development Research tests case strategies triql themes until you are confident you have developed the most persuasive story possible.

An Opening Statement Study measures the impact of opening statements by placing surrogate jurors in court or reading the transcript to them. Attorneys have retained DQ in over 19, high-risk engagements across the country. Inquiries by email only: Strategy Development revisits earlier research in light of the jury selected and late-breaking developments in the case. Browse The Litigation Library.

Trial Consulting

With JuryLive, you can see how your case will play live — in real time — at a price that virtually every case can afford. Jury Profiling Research Jury Profiling Research produces the most effective voir dire questions permitted in your venue.

When you understand what decision makers think about your case, and how they reach their decisions, you make more informed choices about strategies and tactics-at every step of the case.


Simply fill out the form below to get started! And our in-depth understanding of community attitudes informs settlement negotiations, sharpens discovery strategies and improves the drafting of initial pleadings.

Over the past 30 years, its principals have been retained in nearly 19, high-risk engagements nationwide. Let tial of our expert jury consultants walk you through a sample online mock jury trial process. Cross-matched with our analysis of decision patterns in similar cases, venue research yields a decisilnquest list of preferred venues.

Their reactions and opinions provide invaluable feedback on the effectiveness of your presentation and the dynamics of trial-allowing you to address areas of confusion on the next trial day. Decisionwuest DecisionQuest, trial research is more than picking jurors. Solution Generating Research Solution Generating Research identifies which arguments, evidence and individuals will be most persuasive to the triers of fact. Request a Consultation Call Decision to arrange a consultation or submit your request here.

Wolfe has worked in the field since and is a recognized tral on high-profile, high-exposure intellectual property litigation as well as environmental, antitrust, and securities matters.

Schwartz provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of pretrial jury behavior data drawn from interviews and focus group studies as well as mock trials and large-scale statistical analyses. It should be understood, therefore, that incumbents may be asked to perform job-related duties beyond those explicitly described. Capabilities include but are not limited to: Solution Generating Research identifies which arguments, evidence and individuals will be most persuasive to the triers of fact.

As providers of trial consulting and visual communications services to Fortune companies, DecisionQuest’s core capabilities include testing and developing case strategies; witness evaluation and preparation; community attitude survey analysis; jury selection; decisionquesy demonstrative exhibits; and trial presentation decisionquets. It is also a complex, time-consuming undertaking that is not feasible for every case.

DecisionQuest Announces Major Expansion. Venue Evaluation Research Venue Evaluation Research tests the attitudes of jury-eligible citizens in the venues most likely to be available in potential litigation. DecisionQuest has more than employees in 11 offices helping attorneys realize the best case scenario.


Our research reports and graphic designs are full of specific ideas and strategies for presenting your case, rather than a rehash of data collected. Request a Consultation Call Decision to arrange a consultation or submit your request here. This expansion, deisionquest represents a key moment in the ongoing growth and consideration of the jury consulting profession, brings top-name professionals to the DecisionQuest team.

Use this form to get started.

Careers – DecisionQuest

Clementi has a proven record identifying professional service growth opportunities, monitoring revenue activity, and building brand loyalty. Request A Consultation or Call Decision to arrange a consultation. Jackson will oversee client relationships, sales operations, and sales training for DQ’s Chicago team. If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it blank.

The Nation’s Leading Trial Consulting Firm – DecisionQuest

Ellis provides quantitative analysis through focus groups, mock trials, damages assessments, and venue analysis. If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave decisiomquest blank. About DecisionQuest DecisionQuest is the nation’s leading trial consulting firm, assisting clients through the expert use of the art of persuasion — using research, visual communications, strategic communications, and social media analysis.

DecisionQuest is a nationwide strategic communication consulting firm specializing in assisting our clients in persuasion. A Post-Trial Analysis provides detailed insights into how juries are likely to react to similar arguments and graphics in pending cases or in serial litigation.

Simply fill out the form below to get started! My colleagues welcome this opportunity to build on our knowledge, enhance our current and prospective client relationships, and enrich our professional affiliations. Witness Evaluation Research Witness Evaluation Research auditions possible fact and expert witnesses in front of surrogate jurors and helps polish their presentations before they are deposed.

Trial consulting is more than just picking the right jurors.