Shows how close and equal Dillard and the three metropolitan men are; different from the way that a woman usually interacts with a group of. The Deer at Providencia. Annie Dillard’s style is unlike any other serious writing I have ever read. Dillard is able to be intellectual and formal. The speaker’s response to the deer’s situation is what I found most essential of it all. In the first place, she didn’t do much anything but stare at.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. It repeated the same thing again and again. I looked detached, deed, or hard, or calm, or focused, still.

Make you you read it over and correct any providdncia you can because grammar is part of your grade. Anahi June 3, at 8: However, the deer’s unyielding determination show the opposite as it never gives up. Dharma June 9, at 7: Dillard is able to be intellectual and formal, ;rovidencia at the same time intriguing and personal.

The deer’s death is a natural part of life she grasps. Rather than having to express her personal feelings through dramatic actions, the speaker actually takes it to dder heart and mind to reflect upon instead. Do you believe that this is the purpose of the analogy and do you understand the contrast between ourselves and the deer? Imagine watching your deer suddenly become ensnared by an unknown entity that planned to kill, skin, and eat it.

‘The Deer at Providencia’ by Annie Dillard. Summary (GROUP 6)

Clear that suffering is on par and feels as senseless as the burn victims. But soon the defr realizes that her focus in on a fact related to a specific deer, and the attitude of people around this animal. Rather than accepting their fate, both of them strive to end the pain.


For example, every day she reads the clipping of a newspaper article about a man who was burnt twice. When the deer is suffering, no one does anything, they just keep staring.

The Americans and herself “watched [the deer] for fifteen minutes,” while it ptovidencia, but she didn’t even budge. I agree with your analysis for the most part.

The author, in one moment mentions that while they were watching the deer after their meal, the North American men were watching at her. Besides this, in a moment the poor animal has three snnie its feet hooked in the rope under its jaw. The quote “please explain to Alan McDonald in his dignity, to the deer at Providencia in his dignity, what is going on? Though most readers would interpret her as a hardhearted individual, I think oppositely.

A brief analysis of Annie Dillard’s short essays. Newer Post Older Post Home. She highlights herself as a realist woman who understands the nature of life and does not complain about it. She has certain peculiarities such as writing ” The tragic condition of that man compared to the condition of the deer. Even in this story the four north americans sees how the deer has been suffering but did not take provixencia step further to rescue it or protect it and when they headed for lunch they eventually ate the deer which was killed the previous night.

It expands the theme of cruelty, human cruelty towards the deer in order to have a tasty meal. Yes I do believe that the purpose of the analogy is to say how life is full of cruelty and pain, and I do think she criticizes us from being too weak.

Elissa Huang June 3, at 4: She tells the men that she has stuck the paper cutting of Alan Mcdonald on her mirror and she has been reading that everyday. After the meal, she overhears some of the other tourists talking about her and her apparent lack of sympathy for the wounded creature.

Though they are completely different examples of pain, both the deer and the man share one thing: That there is suffering here, or that I know of it? She sounds like she is speaking to you at that moment, drawing you in to her writing and making her providdencia a captivating thinker.


I was at dinner with my friends. Menu Skip to content. Imagine watching your providsncia tear gashes in her own flesh desperately trying to free herself. I think Filipe brought up an interesting point when he noticed that the village providenncia do try to help the deer.

They were trying to study and understand her attitude towards the deer, because she did not say any word, and did not show any special facial expression.

Annie Dillard Project: #4- THE DEER AT PROVIDENCIA

So the women says that no one could not do anything even for the suffering of Alan Mcdonald but to feel sad. In describing the deer as “‘pretty’ delicate of bone The bitterness of being left behind by their children also creeps into the dialogue they share with their prospective customers. Dharma June 9, at 8: She states that they “saw a sight which moved us, and which shocked the men” 60 yet she fails to mention that precise sight. However,since its her birthday I understand that she will be at dinner and not able to respond until tomorrow.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Although unfortunately I cannot answer those questions, there is something worth noting about the deer and Alan McDonald. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But eventually people end up eating them.

Thematically, Dillard deals with life’s cruelties, showing two different perspectives and reactions against it: