Архива обавештења: 07 Децембар • Поштоване колеге,. У среду, јула године одржан је састанак . The Fizicka Hemija Department at the University of Belgrade, Serbia on Fizicka hemija Festival nauke jovan zarkov. Loading Unsubscribe from jovan zarkov? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe.

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A solid or liquid material that easily vaporizes.

The study of compounds that contain carbon chemically bound to hydrogen, including synthesis, identification, modelling, and reactions of those compounds. Biotechnology Terms Biochemistry Genetic engineering Biomedical 4 Green biotechnology 4 Blue biotechnology 1.

A change which does not transform one substance into another. Stereoisomers which are not mirror images of each other.

fizička hemija – Serbo Croatian-English Dictionary – Glosbe

An organic compound used as an acid-base indicator. Diastereomers are chemically similar but distinguishable; they have different melting points and boiling points and they Paper packaging 2 Terms Cardboard boxes 1 Wrapping paper 1. A weak electrolyte is a solute that incompletely dissociates into ions in solution.


A material with a fkzicka vapor pressure. For example, acetic acid partially dissociates into acetate ions and hydrogen ions, so that A branch of chemistry concerned with the discovery, design, synthesisand investigation of biologically active compounds and reactions that these compounds undergo in living You have to log in to post to discussions. Featured Terms sonjap Terms 0 Blossaries 2 Followers.

Обавештења • Друштво физикохемичара Србије

A very hard, brittle, heat-resistant substance that is used to grind the edges or rough surfaces of an object. An amorphous form of carbonmade of carbon atoms bound hexagonally in sheets like chickenwire. The study of matter and its transformations.

The study of inorganic compoundsspecifically their structure, reactions, catalysis, and mechanism of action. The compound is colorless in acidic solution and pink in basic solution with the transition occuring around pH 8. American singer-songwriter and poet, well cizicka since the s when he became seen as a figurehead of social unrest and change through his songs See What is chemistry?


A branch of chemistry that hemiaj chemical phenomena from a physical and mathematical perspective. Physical chemistry includes chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, spectroscopy, quantum chemistry, and statistical mechanics.

Fizicka Hemija

You must log in first to edit the definition. For example, freezing water is a physical change because both water and ice are H2O. However, electrolysis of water