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The components selected for the inner workings are rounded off by high quality materials and outstanding quality of workmanship on the housing. At the same time, with the tube pre-amp, the Magnat engineers deliver a mature, authentic sound for the audiophile. The system features an amplifier with audiophile tube preamplifier as well as a Super Audio CD player and an RDS tuner of the highest quality in a single enclosure.

Anyone who wants to connect via Bluetooth can rely on the aptx standard. An easy to read alpha-numeric display helps simple, menu-assisted operation. In developing the MA special attention was given to the phono stage. The control elements are also manufactured from solid aluminium, while high quality ALPS motor potentiometers can be found behind the volume controls. The MC 1 features an oversized toroidal transformer that is responsible for creating the perfect power supply.

Like the hybrid integrated amplifier, this high-end CD player also features a high-resolution, high-contrast OLED display. Selection of the video output in the following. Despite its enormous output, the MA uses very little energy when powered off due to a separate power supply for standby mode. The circuit guarantees extremely low-distortion and linear transmission characteristics. There are 4 modes: Audiophile electronic components — integrated amplifier and pure CD playerSeparate audio components offer a seemingly trivial, but crucial advantage: The power supply unit used is also of great relevance to the sound: Dual mono construction valve pre-amplifier equipped with two ECC82 double triodes — Carefully selected and?


The organic LED display on the front panel rounds off the elegant overall appearance of the unit. The tubes used for the MC1 are hand-selected and undergo a hour load test before final assembly. Automatic scanning is another obvious function as is the option for manually selecting frequencies. The MA is provided with watts of continuous power per channel. There is also 3. It delivers both highest precision from cleanly scanned signals and highest resolution for digitally sourced signals.

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It is additionally shielded from external interference by a metal cover. The audiophile sound of the high quality tube preamplifier and the enormous and stable power output of a modern transistor amplifier create the perfect foundation for an outstanding acoustic performance. MCD CD player dva low-vibration drive and excellent digital-analogue converter.

The RV 3 delivers perfect sound quality at all volumes and excellent compatibility with modern speakers. The tuner has been designed according to the superheterodyne principle and combines excellent reception properties with a high degree of selectivity and low distortion values.

محبوب ترین محصولات MAGNAT

The functions of the system can either be controlled on the device itself or via the supplied remote control. Deze site maakt gebruik van cookies.

Bedienelemente und Anschlussklemmen Silber, Schwarz The tube also amplifies the signal from the built-in phono preamplifier. Like point 16, but the search starts forwards. Another touch brings the disk back to the. At the heart of the MA is undoubtedly the tube preamplifier and the pre-selected ECC 82 Russian-made tubes that have been burned-in for 60 hours. If you choose FULL, the peak value of audio signal is minimum, and becomes maximum if you choose off.


A drive from the Msgnat manufacturer, Sanyo Industries, has been used in order to provide a stable mechanical platform for CDs. The tube output stage is channel-separated and equipped with 2x ECC88 double triodes, which ensures a linear frequency response well beyond 40 kHz is achieved.

All functions resume initial statuses if you choose this option. The core element of this dvx integrated amplifier is contained in its name, i. Bedienelemente und Anschlussklemmen Silber, Schwarz. High-End Stereo Valve Power Amplifier with Hybrid TechnologyWith our high-end hybrid power amplifier, we 422 the gap between maximum power capacity and audiophile standard acoustic performance.

High quality tube sockets ensure maximum signal stability. A precision mechanism with Sanyo laser unit is used as the drive. A CD drive with Sanyo laser unit has been used to ensure reliable operation and the accurate reading of digital information. Naturally, a high quality remote control covering all functions is included. The individual components available on the market are too large and design-oriented 432 are not given any consideration by serious hi-fi enthusiasts because of the frequent lack of quality of sound and workmanship.

Opens the OSD screen menu for setting the. A longer press starts the. The heart of the MA is undoubtedly the tube pre-amplifier, which uses Russian-made pre-selected ECC valves that have been burned in for 60 hours.

Button for confirming the settings made with. The device should not continue to be operated if there dsv visible damage to the mains cable. Solid aluminium controls are recessed into the 5mm thick front panel.